December 01, 2007

Eleven Selected for Chambers Fellowships

Eleven graduate students have been selected by the Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics for two-year John T. Chambers Fellowships. They are Greg Nusz, Henry Fu and Robert Graf, all of BME; Jiefu Chen, Justin Migacz, Sabarni Palit, Samuel Drezdozon, See Hoon Lim, Thomas Hand, and Zhiya Zhao, all of [...]

November 12, 2007

The Home Depot Smart Home at Duke is a Showcase of Green Design

The Home Depot Smart Home at Duke University is a showcase of green design and a living laboratory. Designed by Duke students through a strategic partnership with The Home Depot, the 6,000-square-foot home features a variety of eco-friendly and high-tech elements and will house 10 students. The [...]

November 10, 2007

Duke's Home Depot Smart Home Officially Opened

Duke University’s new Home Depot Smart Home, a high-tech dorm and research laboratory, was officially opened Nov. 9 by the university president, the current and former deans of the Pratt School of Engineering, and some of the 10 students who will live there.

November 05, 2007

Why Engineers Make Good Business People

Note: The following represents a speech presented by Sy Sternberg, chairman and CEO of New York Life Insurance Co., at Duke's Pratt School of Engineering on Saturday, Nov. 3, during Parents Weekend. Sternberg is an engineer by education, with bachelor's and master's degrees in electrical [...]

November 01, 2007

Fernandez wins NDSEG Fellowship

Graduate student Christy Fernandez, a member of the Duke Imaging and Spectroscopy Group advised by ECE Professor David Brady, is yet another Pratt winner of a 2007 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship. Fernandez’s application was selected by the Air Force Office of [...]

November 01, 2007

First NCCU-Duke STEM Partnership Awards Granted

Three master's students from North Carolina Central University (NCCU), along with their NCCU advisers and Duke mentors, have been selected as the first recipients of $25,000 awards granted by the Duke-NCCU STEM Partnership. The program aims to help increase the number of underrepresented minority [...]

October 03, 2007

Why Women Succeed

When Nan Jokerst studied engineering in the 1980s, being a woman meant being surrounded by men. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, says Jokerst, the J.A. Jones Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke. “I had more dates than anybody. If you want to date a lot [...]

October 01, 2007

Wang wins dissertation award

Dazhi Wang, PhD student of ECE Professor Kishor Trivedi, has won the Outstanding PhD dissertation award for 2006-2007 from the Computer Science department. Furthermore, Dazhi is being nominated for the Association for Computing Machinery Distinguished Dissertation Award.

October 01, 2007

Keller wins at ARL Symposium

Fourth-year ECE PhD student Steven Keller took first prize in the graduate division of the Army Research Laboratory’s First Summer Student Research Symposium in Adelphi, Md. in August. Nearly 100 undergraduate and graduate students participated as interns in ARL research programs during the summer [...]

October 01, 2007

Graduate Student Bogdan Popa Puts Exotic Metamaterials to Action

When communism fell in Romania 20 years ago, it was as if the people had moved from jail to a jungle, according to Bogdan Popa, a Romanian citizen and recent graduate of Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering. Afterwards, he said the biggest change was that people "could leave the country [...]