Classes Begin With 306 First-Year Students

September 1, 2006

Three hundred and six first-year students and 776 returning undergraduates began Fall Semester classes at the Pratt School of Engineering on Aug. 28.

The undergraduates joined 498 graduate students to give Pratt a total of 1,580 students.

The incoming freshmen were part of an overall first-year class of 1,684 students at Duke, most of whom were enrolled in the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences. Duke had a record 19,400 applications for the Class of 2010, including a record 3,400 applicants for the Pratt School.

Of the students matriculating at Pratt this year, the middle 50 percent had SAT scores between 1430 and 1530. Eight-five percent of those students whose high schools had class rankings were in the top 5 percent of their senior class. Seventy percent came from public high schools.

“As with previous classes, Pratt’s Class of 2010 continues to amaze with its strength, diversity of interest, and level of achievement,” said Professor Tod Laursen, the school’s senior associate dean for education.

This year’s class of freshmen engineers was smaller than the record 357 who matriculated last fall. That class had 50 more students than anticipated and, as a result, fewer students were admitted this year.

The graduate students enrolled in Pratt include 332 Ph.D. students -- 138 in biomedical engineering, 39 in civil and environmental engineering, 100 in electrical and computer engineering and 55 in mechanical engineering and materials science. There are 59 master’s students in the four departments.

In addition, the Master of Engineering Management program has 107 students, including 75 who enrolled for the first time this fall. Four of the MEM enrollees are Fulbright Fellows.