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Duke Chronicle | October 08, 2015

Pratt Patents and Inventors On the Rise Since 2013

CNBC | October 05, 2015

Can Science Make True Invisibility Possible?

Featuring David Smith

Gizmodo | September 24, 2015

Meanwhile in the Future: Now You Can Buy an Invisibility Cloak

Featuring David Smith

HP Blogs | September 22, 2015

HP Labs Middleware research enables Software-Defined Manufacturing

Featuring Krish Chakrabarty

Triangle Business Journal | September 18, 2015

A UNC/Duke/NCSU Collaboration Could Lead to Next Nano Eureka

Featuring Nan Jokerst

Triangle Business Journal | September 09, 2015

How a Duke University Technology Solved a Decades-Old Irritation for Art Conservators

Featuring Ingrid Daubechies

Times Higher Education | August 24, 2015

Which Universities Are the Most Innovative?

Featuring David Smith

Nature | August 11, 2015

3D-Printed Device Helps Computers Solve Cocktail-Party Problem

Featuring Steve Cummer