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November 16, 2017

World Toilet Day: Duke Engineers Tackle the Global Sanitation Crisis

Duke engineers are leading two projects backed by the Gates Foundation to bring sanitation to the developing world

October 01, 2007

Duke's Smart Home – Finally A Reality

After almost five years of plans, dreams, fundraising and ultimately construction, Duke’s new smart home will be finished in November. Ten Pratt engineers and Trinity students anticipate moving into the Home Depot Smart Home in January -- prepared to become Duke’s newest ambassadors of E-Living. [...]

October 01, 2007

Graduate Student Bogdan Popa Puts Exotic Metamaterials to Action

When communism fell in Romania 20 years ago, it was as if the people had moved from jail to a jungle, according to Bogdan Popa, a Romanian citizen and recent graduate of Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering. Afterwards, he said the biggest change was that people "could leave the country [...]

September 28, 2007

Engineering Emeritus Professor John Artley Dies at Age 84

Duke electrical engineering Professor Emeritus John Leslie Artley, Ph.D., of Hot Springs, N.C., died Sept. 27 on his 84th birthday from the effects of a stroke suffered on June 12, 2007, his family said. Artley received his doctorate in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University in [...]

September 07, 2007

Duke names John Board associate chief information officer

John Board, associate professor and associate chair of electrical and computer engineering at Duke, has been appointed associate chief information officer, Duke Chief Information Officer Tracy Futhey announced today. Board will provide strategic leadership for the university’s information [...]

September 01, 2007

Back to School and Time to Think about Next Summer

In the midst of settling back into campus life and a new course schedule, it's already time to start thinking about next summer's internship or full-time job, says Kirsten Shaw, assistant director of Corporate and Industry Relations at Duke's Pratt School of Engineering. The good news is that there [...]

August 22, 2007

Study Points to "Brain-Drain" of Skilled U.S. Immigrant Entrepreneurs to Home Countries

More than one million skilled immigrant workers -- including Indian and Chinese scientists and engineers -- and their families are competing for 120,000 permanent U.S. resident visas each year. This sizeable imbalance is likely to fuel a “reverse brain-drain” with skilled workers returning to their [...]

August 17, 2007

Duke Places Eighth Again in U.S. News Rankings

Duke University remains in the eighth position in the latest annual ranking from U.S. News & World Report magazine of national universities that offer doctoral degrees.

August 15, 2007

Is it Malaria?

 The World Health Organization estimates that each year 300 million to 500 million cases of malaria occur and more than one million people die of malaria. A mosquito-borne disease caused by a parasite, malaria causes fever, chills, and flu-like illness. While there is currently no malaria vaccine [...]

August 15, 2007

Breast Cancer Imaging

X-ray mammography plays a critical role in detecting breast cancers early--up to two years before a patient or physician might feel a suspicious lump. Yet, the contrast between cancer and non-cancer on an X-ray is limited to a few percent, making it impossible to determine without a biopsy whether [...]

August 15, 2007

When Fear Returns

Psychological counseling helps people overcome debilitating anxiety and painful memories of traumatic events in their lives -- giving them the chance to conquer their fears and live normal lives. But for some, the effects of therapy don’t ‘stick’ -- patients feel fine for long periods of time only [...]