Success Stories Entrepreneurs in ECE

Entrepreneurship is a trademark of Duke Electrical & Computer Engineering.  From commercializing applications of DNA to developing state-of-the-art security systems to launching popular websites, our faculty, alumni, and even students have a strong track record of turning research breakthroughs and innovative ideas into thriving companies. Explore the stories below to learn how they did it--and how Duke ECE can prepare you for success in a surprisingly wide range of fields.

Advanced Liquid Logic
lab on a chip technology
Wright Foods
patented food-packaging technology
Refresh Innovations, Inc.
compact contact lens cases
Applied Quantum Technologies
optimizing optical sensing systems
BizeeBee & Femgineer
web-based tools and training
scientific computing software
New Folder Consulting
signal processing & data analysis
Signal Innovations Group
big data analysis
Parabon Nanolabs
drug-by-design technology
SNUPI Technologies
sensor networks for the home
Triangle BioSystems International
Advanced neuro-technology
patented technology for spectrometers
Professor Jeff Glass
perspectives on engineer-entrepreneurs
Kymeta Corporation
metamaterials making a difference