Alvin R. Lebeck

Alvin R. Lebeck

Professor of Computer Science

Computer Systems Engineering with a focus on computer architecture, nano-scale systems, memory system, energy efficient computing, and multiprocessors.

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Professor of Computer Science
  • Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Contact Information

  • Office Location: D308 Lev Sci Res Ctr, Durham, NC 27708
  • Office Phone: (919) 660-6551
  • Email Address:
  • Websites:


  • Ph.D. University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1995
  • M.S. University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1991
  • B.S. University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1989

Research Interests

Computer architecture and its intersection with systems and tools, particularly with respect to memory system design and analysis for both serial and parallel architectures. Architectures for emerging nanotechnologies. Energy efficient computing.

Courses Taught

  • COMPSCI 590: Advanced Topics in Computer Science
  • ECE 250D: Computer Architecture
  • ECE 250L: Computer Architecture
  • ECE 652: Advanced Computer Architecture II

Representative Publications

  • Wang, S; Zhang, X; Li, Y; Bashizade, R; Yang, S; Dwyer, C; Lebeck, AR, Accelerating Markov Random Field Inference Using Molecular Optical Gibbs Sampling Units, Proceedings - 2016 43rd International Symposium on Computer Architecture, ISCA 2016 (2016), pp. 558-569 [10.1109/ISCA.2016.55] [abs].
  • Agrawal, SR; Dee, CM; Lebeck, AR, Exploiting accelerators for efficient high dimensional similarity search, Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming, PPOPP, vol 12-16-March-2016 (2016) [10.1145/2851141.2851144] [abs].
  • Wang, S; Lebeck, AR; Dwyer, C, Nanoscale Resonance Energy Transfer-Based Devices for Probabilistic Computing, IEEE Micro, vol 35 no. 5 (2015), pp. 72-84 [10.1109/MM.2015.124] [abs].
  • Pang, J; Dwyer, C; Lebeck, AR, mNoC: Large Nanophotonic Network-on-Chip Crossbars with Molecular Scale Devices, ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems, vol 12 no. 1 (2015) [10.1145/2700241] [abs].
  • Pang, J; Dwyer, C; Lebeck, AR; Pang, J; Dwyer, C; Lebeck, AR, More is less, less is more: Molecular-scale photonic NoC power topologiesMore is less, less is more: Molecular-scale photonic NoC power topologies, International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems - ASPLOS, vol 2015-January (2015), pp. 283-296 [10.1145/2694344.2694377] [abs].