Daniel J. Sorin

Daniel J. Sorin

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Daniel Sorin is the W.H. Gardner Jr. professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and of Computer Science. His research interests are primarily in computer architecture and dependability.

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Professor in the Department of Computer Science
  • W. H. Gardner, Jr. Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering

Contact Information

  • Office Location: 209C Hudson Hall, Durham, NC 27708
  • Office Phone: (919) 660-5439
  • Email Address: sorin@ee.duke.edu
  • Websites:


  • Ph.D. University of Wisconsin at Madison, 2002
  • M.S. University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1998
  • B.S. Duke University, 1996

Research Interests

The primary focus of my research is computer architecture. This research includes work to: improve the dependability of computer architectures, design microarchitectures such that their designs are easier to validate, and develop memory system designs for multicore processors.

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

  • Program Chair of HiPEAC 2017. HiPEAC. 2017
  • Co-chair of selection committee for IEEE Micro's Top Picks 2016. IEEE Micro. 2016
  • Associate Editor in Chief. Computer Architecture Letters. 2015
  • IEEE Micro Top Pick. IEEE Micro. 2015
  • Best Paper Award. 20th International Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture. 2014
  • IEEE Micro Top Pick. IEEE Micro. 2011
  • Lois and John L. Imhoff Distinguished Teaching Award. Pratt School of Engineering. 2011
  • Eta Kappa Nu. Unknown. 2008
  • Intel Graduate Fellowship. Unknown. 2008
  • NSF Early CAREER Award. National Science Foundation. 2008
  • Outstanding Graduate Research Award. University of Wisconsin. 2008
  • Phi Beta Kappa. Unknown. 2008
  • Tau Beta Pi. Unknown. 2008
  • Top of 2004 - Nanocomputing Research. Technology Research News. 2008

Courses Taught

  • COMPSCI 250D: Computer Architecture
  • COMPSCI 350L: Digital Systems
  • ECE 250D: Computer Architecture
  • ECE 350L: Digital Systems
  • ECE 552: Advanced Computer Architecture I
  • ECE 554: Fault-Tolerant and Testable Computer Systems

Representative Publications

  • Murray, S; Floyd-Jones, W; Qi, Y; Konidaris, G; Sorin, DJ, The microarchitecture of a real-Time robot motion planning accelerator, Micro -Annual Workshop then Annual International Symposium-, vol 2016-December (2016) [10.1109/MICRO.2016.7783748] [abs].
  • Mappouras, G; Vahid, A; Calderbank, R; Sorin, DJ, Methuselah flash: Rewriting codes for extra long storage lifetime, Proceedings - 46th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks, DSN 2016 (2016), pp. 180-191 [10.1109/DSN.2016.25] [abs].
  • Martin, M; Sorin, D, Top Picks from the 2015 Computer Architecture Conferences, IEEE Micro, vol 36 no. 3 (2016), pp. 6-9 [10.1109/MM.2016.47] [abs].
  • Eslami, A; Velasco, A; Vahid, A; Mappouras, G; Calderbank, R; Sorin, DJ, Writing without disturb on phase change memories by integrating coding and layout design, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, vol 05-08-October-2015 (2015), pp. 71-77 [10.1145/2818950.2818962] [abs].
  • Zhang, M; Bingham, JD; Erickson, J; Sorin, DJ, PVCoherence: Designing Flat Coherence Protocols for Scalable Verification, IEEE Micro, vol 35 no. 3 (2015), pp. 84-91 [10.1109/MM.2015.48] [abs].