Thomas C. Katsouleas

Thomas Katsouleas

Adjunct Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Tom Katsouleas is a specialist in the use of plasmas as novel particle accelerators and light sources. His work has been featured on the covers of Physical Review Letters, the CERN Courier, and Nature. He has authored or co-authored over 200 publications and given more than 50 major invited talks.

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    Research Interests

    Katsouleas is a specialist in the use of plasmas as novel particle accelerators and light sources.

    Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

    • Fellow. American Physical Society. 1996
    • Fellow. Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). 1996

    Representative Publications

    • Tzoufras, M; Lu, W; Tsung, FS; Huang, C; Mori, WB; Katsouleas, T; Vieira, J; Fonseca, RA; Silva, LO, Beam loading in the nonlinear regime of plasma-based acceleration., Physical Review Letters, vol 101 no. 14 (2008) [abs].
    • Oz, E; Deng, S; Katsouleas, T; Muggli, P; Barnes, CD; Blumenfeld, I; Decker, FJ; Emma, P; Hogan, MJ; Ischebeck, R; Iverson, RH; Kirby, N; Krejcik, P; O'Connell, C; Siemann, RH; Walz, D; Auerbach, D; Clayton, CE; Huang, C; Johnson, DK; Joshi, C; Lu, W; Marsh, KA; Mori, WB; Zhou, M, Ionization-induced electron trapping in ultrarelativistic plasma wakes., Physical Review Letters, vol 98 no. 8 (2007) [abs].
    • Blumenfeld, I; Clayton, CE; Decker, FJ; Hogan, MJ; Huang, C; Ischebeck, R; Iverson, R; Joshi, C; Katsouleas, T; Kirby, N; Lu, W; Marsh, KA; Mori, WB; Muggli, P; Oz, E; Siemann, RH; Walz, D; Zhou, M, Energy doubling of 42 GeV electrons in a metre-scale plasma wakefield accelerator., Nature, vol 445 no. 7129 (2007), pp. 741-744 [10.1038/nature05538] [abs].
    • Lu, W; Huang, C; Zhou, M; Mori, WB; Katsouleas, T, Nonlinear theory for relativistic plasma wakefields in the blowout regime., Physical Review Letters, vol 96 no. 16 (2006) [abs].
    • Huang, C; Decyk, VK; Ren, C; Zhou, M; Lu, W; Mori, WB; Cooley, JH; Jr, TMA; Katsouleas, T, QUICKPIC: A highly efficient particle-in-cell code for modeling wakefield acceleration in plasmas, Journal of Computational Physics, vol 217 no. 2 (2006), pp. 658-679 [10.1016/] [abs].