Graduation with Departmental Distinction

Students who aspire to Graduate with Departmental Distinction (GDD) within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering conduct supervised research through independent study courses and present the results of individual research and study in both written and oral forms to the department's faculty. Those candidates who are judged by the department's faculty to have distinguished themselves through their paper and presentation earn Graduation with Departmental Distinction honors.

This accomplishment is recognized when the BSE degree is awarded.  If that time is different from the principal Spring commencement exercises, the student work remains in contention for the Charles Seager prize for that academic year awarded each Spring Commencement. 

To be considered for Graduation with Departmental Distinction a student must have a 3.5 Cumulative GPA and must successfully complete in his or her Senior year a faculty supervised Independent Study project with significant Electrical and Computer Engineering accomplishment. The significance of this project must be demonstrated in a formal written report and defended in an oral presentation before a committee of faculty members.

Candidates must submit a 10-20 page written report (single spaced, 12-point Times New Roman, single column) including figures and references. The entire report must be submitted electronically to the Director of Undergraduate Studies Assistant, Ms. Alex Naseree, at no later than one week before the oral presentation begins. The project report essentially constitutes a Senior thesis.

Example Graduation with Distinction Projects

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