Research Opportunities

Nearly 70 percent of Duke Engineering undergraduates pursue research experiences with faculty

RESEARCH Fellowships

These programs offer undergrads research opportunities while earning credit:

Pratt Research Fellows

Three semesters of independent undergraduate engineering study, plus summer research.

NAE Grand Challenge Scholars

Focused investigation on a selected Grand Challenge—including courses outside of engineering, entrepreneurship opportunities, and both global- and service-learning.

Bass Connections

Interdisciplinary university research teams—usually two semesters; some have a summer session.


Undergraduate students can conduct intensive, hands-on research for academic credit by taking independent study courses.

Independent study can qualify you for Graduation with Departmental Distinction. And, with some planning, these courses can be a part of several of our signature research programs described below. (See department courses: BMECEEECEMEMS).

Independent Study + You Pick the Faculty

If you even want more flexibility for your independent study, explore the research interests of Duke Engineering's faculty. With the right match of interests, you can work with faculty from any department—to just faculty from your department or major.


Click the button below to contact Dean Carmen Rawls to inquire about independent study opportunities: