ECE Seminar: Electromagnetic scattering by magnetodielectric small spheres

Feb 19

This event has passed.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm


Dr. Fernando Moreno

Magnetodielectric small spheres present unusual and interesting electromagnetic scattering features, theoretically predicted decades ago by several researchers [1, 2]. However, achieving such behavior has remained elusive, due to the non-magnetic character of natural optical materials or the difficulty in obtaining low-loss highly permeable magnetic materials at much longer wavelengths. In this talk, the light scattering by a magnetodielectric subwavelength isolated sphere of moderate refractive index (n¿4 like some semiconductors (Si, Ge) at near-infrared) will be analyzed (theoretically and experimentally) together with its capacity to show non-usual scattering properties, like the inhibition of backward scattered intensity (Huygens source), the almost inhibition of the scattered intensity in the forward direction (Huygens reflector) [3] or other Fano-like effects [4]. These properties only depend on the ratio particle size to wavelength. Near field considerations and collective behaviors will also be shown, especially those corresponding to dimer dielectric nanoantennas [5]. As it will be reviewed, these results open new technological challenges from nano and micro-photonics to science and engineering of antennas, metamaterials and electromagnetic devices.