ECE Seminar: Fault Tolerant Quantum Computation and the Entanglement Structure of Many-Body Systems

Mar 21

This event has passed.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Iman Marvian, Postdoctoral Researcher, MIT

One of the most important achievements in the field of quantum computation is the discovery of quantum error-correcting codes and other methods for fault-tolerant quantum computation, which has found far-reaching applications in other areas of physics, from topological order to quantum gravity. However, the theory of fault-tolerant quantum computation is mostly developed based on the standard circuit model of quantum computation and cannot be directly applied to other models. In this talk, I will discuss different aspects of fault tolerance in two other models of quantum computation, namely Adiabatic Quantum Computation, and Measurement-Based Quantum Computation (MBQC). I explain how fault tolerance is related to the entanglement structure of many-body systems. Also, I discuss an intriguing connection between fault tolerance in the context of MBQC and the notion of Symmetry-Protected Topological (SPT) order. Inspired by this connection, I introduce a new order parameter, which detects the presence of SPT order in the system based on its entanglement structure.