ECE Seminar: Exploiting Flux: Transport Enhancement and Control with Surface Topography

Mar 28

This event has passed.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm


Dr. Brian D. Iverson, Assistant Professor at Brigham Young University

Surface topology and surface feature aspect ratio can exert a dramatic influence on transport phenomena. In the Flux Lab, we explore this influence and use it to control or enhance transport in thermal and chemical systems. Transport of an analyte to a sensing surface can be a rate-limiting condition, especially when the analyte is present in very low concentrations. This talk will primarily address the convective enhancement of transport-limited electrochemical sensors using free-standing, 3D, porous, CNT architectures. Additional scenarios where topology affects transport will also briefly be highlighted, including: adaptable origami surfaces for control of radiative heat transfer and condensation at micro/nanostructured, superhydrophobic surfaces.Brian D. Iverson joined the faculty at Brigham Young University in 2012. Prior to his current position, he worked as a senior member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories in the concentrating solar power group. He has analyzed transport and interfacial phenomena in thermal, energy and bio-systems and worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Purdue University. He completed his PhD in 2008 while investigating integrated micropumping techniques as a part of the Cooling Technologies Research Center. His micropumping work includes actuation techniques such as induction-type electrohydrodynamics and electroosmotic pumping. He also received an MSc degree from Purdue University and a BSc degree from BYU.