Transforming Towards a Sustainable Future: Artificial Intelligence in Next Generation Energy Systems Sensing, Modeling and Optimization

Mar 14

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Tuesday, March 14, 2023 – 9:00AM to 10:00AM


Cong Feng

Power and energy systems are transiting from fossil-based systems to systems with large amounts of renewable energy. Compared to the traditional power system configuration, future power systems will integrate more renewable resources, manageable loads, energy storage systems, electric vehicles, and other energy efficient technologies. These new technologies will also bring more uncertainty and vulnerability to the power systems. Delivering reliable, resilient, clean, and affordable power and energy with large penetrations of renewable energy remains to be a challenging problem. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been applied to tackle these challenges by promoting power system decision intelligence. This talk will mainly cover the research of applying artificial intelligence to the sensing of the next generation energy systems: Meteorology-informed AI for Solar Sensing. We will demonstrate how to use deep learning, computer vision, and sky camera to enhance solar visibility and predictability. This talk will also briefly introduce other research in learning-enabled energy system modeling and optimization. At last, this talk will briefly describe future research plan and services beyond research in this field.