Past Seminars


Multimedia Research at Samsung

Presenter: Rajiv Dhawan and Mostafa El-Khamy (Samsung)

Connecting Blockchains to the Real World

Presenter: Fan Zhang, Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at Cornell University

Clinical Text Analysis and Mining using Artificial Intelligence

Presenter: Jie Yang, Harvard Medical School, Harvard University

Modeling and testing in high-throughput cancer drug screenings

Presenter: Wesley Tansey, postdoctoral research scientist at Columbia University Medical Center

DNA Information Systems and Cancer Classification

Presenter: Siddharth Jain, postdoctoral scholar in Electrical Engineering at Caltech

Designing for the Last Mile of Machine Learning

Presenter: Berk Ustun, postdoc at the Harvard Center for Research on Computation and Society

Neural control of movement: How we move fast, why we fail, and how we can design interventions

Presenter: Shreya Saxena, postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University, Zuckerman