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Duke ECE Magazine 2020-2021 Special Digital Edition

Meet Our New Faculty

October 12, 2020

In 2020-21, Duke ECE is expanding its research portfolio and adding new talent in quantum computing, cybersecurity and advanced networking

Tingjun Chen: Connecting Tomorrow’s Wireless World

Tingjun Chen optimizes real-time applications like autonomous vehicles and smart intersections through efficient data transfer

Chris Monroe: Realizing Ion-Trap Quantum Computers to Solve Unsolvable Problems

Chris Monroe will direct the new Duke Quantum Center, and advance Duke's goal of building a practical, scalable quantum computer

Crystal Noel: Hot on the Heels of a Long-Lasting Qubit

Quantum experimentalist Crystal Noel will add her experience in error correction to the rapidly expanding Duke Quantum Center 

Michael Reiter: Cybersecurity Is a Moving Target

Cybersecurity authority Michael Reiter works to secure computing in the Cloud, even as new technologies emerge

Duke ECE faculty photo

Duke ECE faculty photo, February 2020