Welcome to the Neighborhood

October 8, 2021

The fourth floor of Duke Engineering's new Wilkinson Building houses the Advanced Computing and Intelligent Systems research neighborhood. Learn more about the engineers who now call this space home

The new 150,000-square-foot Wilkinson Building sits at the intersection of the Schools of Engineering, Medicine and Arts & Sciences. The Wilkinson Building's research "neighborhoods" bring together faculty with diverse specialties and areas of expertise, facilitating collaboration and cooperation.

The fourth floor is home to the Advanced Computing and Intelligent Systems neighborhood, where faculty with electrical and computer engineering, computer science, and mechanical engineering affiliations come together to develop solutions to challenges in AI and machine learning, robotics, cybersecurity and beyond. 

Faculty Labs

Hover or tap on faculty photos to read about research in each lab.

floor plan for Wilkinson Building computing neighborhood
Tingjun Chen
John Board
Neil Gong
Daniel Sorin
Kishor Trivedi
Krish Chakrabarty
Yiran Chen
Jeffrey Krolik
Hai Li
Vahid Tarokh
Miroslav Pajic
Michael Zavlanos
Maria Gorlatova


  • chairs with large skylight window and view of Duke West Campus
    The Advanced Computing and Intelligent Systems neighborhood offers sweeping views of West Campus and Duke Chapel
  • The skylight on the top floor of the Wilkinson Building
    The skylight on the fourth floor floods the Wilkinson Building with natural light
  • View of Duke Chapel from Derrick Family Terrace
    The view of Duke Chapel as seen from the Derrick Family Terrace is unparalleled
  • students in the graduate lounge
    The graduate student lounges offer quiet spots to work, study, or just take in the Gothic architecture of West Campus
  • wide view of hallway with pod conference room and stairway
    This pod-shaped conference room has come to be known as the "Blue Egg" by the Duke Engineering community
  • The interior of the pod conference room
    The interior of the Blue Egg
Forming Clouds mural by Brendan Monroe
Internationally recognized muralist Brendan Monroe drew inspiration from the history of information exchange when creating "Forming Clouds" for the Advanced Computing and Intelligent Systems research neighborhood