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News AKMI |

A Scientific Exploration of Big Juicy Butts

ECE Professor Sonia Grego talks about her lab's efforts to turn waste flushed down porcelain bowls into a noninvasive health tool.

Quanta Magazine |

The Computer Scientist Peering Inside AI’s Black Boxes

ECE/CS Professor Cynthia Rudin answers a Q about why she wants machine learning models, responsible for increasingly important decisions, to show their work.

Yahoo Finance Live |

AI Concerns: 'There are tremendous ethical questions' for decision-making processes, professor says

Meghji, the former chief innovation officer for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC), joined Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the future of AI, the impact of AI on businesses and decision-making, and the ethical concerns around the technology.

The Duke Chronicle |

Engineering Senior Selected as Duke Young Trustee Nominee

Senior Sydney Hunt and Warren Lattimore, a doctoral candidate in theology at the Divinity School, were chosen by the Young Trustee Nominating Committee and President Vincent Price as Duke’s next Undergraduate and Graduate Young Trustees. The Board of Trustees will consider Price's nominations on May 13 and once confirmed they will begin their terms on July 1.

Forbes |

Unlocking Quantum Potential With High-Quality Qubits

ECE/Physics Professor Chris Monroe is mentioned as one of the pioneers of quantum computing strategy. 

AI Magazine |

The Top 10 Women in the World of AI in 2023

ECE/CS Professor Cynthia Rudin is recognized for her pioneering work in the fields of ML, applied ML and causal inference.

Fox News |

Musk's proposed AI pause means China would 'race' past US with 'most powerful' tech, expert says

Sultan Meghji is an adjunct associate professor in Duke's Financial Technology Master of Engineering program.

Tech and Science Post |

This ‘Electronic Tattoo’ Can Tell When You’re Stressed Out

Aaron Franklin

CNN Business |

Fallout of SVB Bank Collapse

Sultan Meghji, former chief innovation officer at Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and adjunct professor in Duke's FinTech program, talks about the role of regulation - or lack thereof - in the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

Yale Environment 360 |

The East Coast Whale Die-Offs: Unraveling the Causes

ECE Professor Doug Nowacek helps explain why seismic exploration by offshore wind companies might or might not be to blame for a recent spate of humpback strandings off New York and New Jersey.