Research News

Robert Calderbank (left) and Vahid Tarokh (right)

October 20, 2020

Duke to Lead $5 Million Center to Develop U.S. Air Force Wireless Communications Protocols

National initiative will develop AI-informed communication and networking protocols fast and reliable enough to handle Air Force requirements

NSF Convergence Accelerator launches second cohort

September 17, 2020

Duke-Led Team to Develop Privacy-Minded AI Health Learning Platform

A new $1 million NSF Convergence Accelerator award will support privacy-preserving machine learning models for health care

A gold and black square device with a thin line of blue floating above its centerline

September 02, 2020

Duke Joins Peers on New National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee

Committee tasked with counseling the White House on ways to ensure continued American leadership in quantum information science

Michael Reiter

September 02, 2020

Michael Reiter: Cybersecurity Is a Moving Target

New faculty member Michael Reiter spends a lot of time with his head in the clouds, but his work on computer security started long before 'the cloud' was even a thing

complex machinery with vials and tubes hanging down from a circular ceiling all bathed in yellow-gold light

September 01, 2020

Duke Joins $115 Million Quantum Systems Accelerator

Five-year project seeks to energize the nation’s research community to ensure U.S. leadership in quantum R&D and accelerate the transfer of quantum technologies

colored dots connected by lines

August 31, 2020

Duke Researchers Join National Effort to Demystify Deep Learning

$10 million award will explore the mechanisms underlying deep learning algorithms to push AI applications to the next level

Tingjun Chen

August 21, 2020

Tingjun Chen: Connecting Tomorrow’s Wireless World

New faculty member Tingjun Chen is developing technologies, designing algorithms and building systems that will enable next generation wireless networks

Chris Monroe

August 20, 2020

Chris Monroe: Realizing Ion-Trap Quantum Computers to Solve Unsolvable Problems

An international leader in quantum computing, architect of the U.S. National Quantum Initiative, and member of the National Academy of Sciences, Chris Monroe will join longtime long-distance collaborators at Duke to build practical quantum computers for use in fields from finance to pharmaceuticals

Crystal Noel

August 20, 2020

Crystal Noel: Hot on the Heels of a Long-Lasting Qubit

As the Duke Quantum Center comes online, Noel is already imagining what we need to build the next generation of quantum information systems

Schematics showing rows of yellow rectangles that create soundwaves depicted by lines to show how they flow and rotate

June 11, 2020

Sound Waves Transport Droplets for Rewritable Lab-on-a-Chip Devices

Vibrating transducers create tunnels in a thin layer of oil to transport droplets across a chip without leaving a trace behind