Research News

 ion trap qubits linked together into a computer network

June 09, 2022

Glimpses of Quantum Computing Phase Changes Show Researchers the Tipping Point

Tuning a quantum computer’s measurement rate provides hints of quantum phase transition

Two OCT images of the head of a fruitfly

June 02, 2022

Duke Researchers Take Optical Coherence Tomography to the Next Level

With clearer imaging and enhanced resolution, a new OCT approach developed at Duke could improve medical diagnostic imaging

Rachel Bangle

May 18, 2022

Duke ECE Postdoc Wins Beckman Fellowship

Rachel Bangle will study the potential for nanoplasmonic metamaterials to enable solar energy storage

A field of squat purple cylinders extending off into infinity

May 17, 2022

Teaching Physics to AI Makes the Student a Master

Incorporating known physics into neural network algorithms allows them to discover new insights into material properties

DQC attendees in the historic Chesterfield Building

April 13, 2022

Duke Quantum Center Kicks Off

Quantum information enthusiasts from around the world gathered in Durham to learn about the Duke Quantum Center's unique user facility

A bunch of machines lit with blue and red light with a maze of lasers running between them

April 01, 2022

Duke Takes a Quantum Leap

The Duke Quantum Center has the excitement of a startup and the ambition to match as it races to compete with the likes of Google and IBM

dots of the visible spectrum

March 25, 2022 | Duke Digital Asset Research & Engineering Collaborative

Is Today's Cryptocurrency Just Like the Dotcom Bubble of the late '90s?

New DAREC article looks at bitcoin ETFs and how the performance of this new market niche is measured

milk jug filling a toilet tank

March 23, 2022

Duke Engineers Tell PBS NC Why Flush Toilets Are Wasteful—And How They Can be Made Better

Duke research is finding ways to save water, get rid of human waste efficiently

Michael Gehm

March 21, 2022

Duke ECE's Michael Gehm: Reevaluating the Architectures of Measurement

In this Q&A, the optics expert discusses his lab's computational sensing research and its potential for impact in health and security applications

Lines of green, yellow, and orange overlay an image of a car on a road along with a transparent version of the car

March 14, 2022

WARNING: Objects in Driverless Car Sensors May Be Closer Than They Appear

Industry-standard dual-camera LIDAR sensors on self-driving cars can be deceived