Research News

A man stands and points at a computer screen with two women colleagues

February 20, 2020

Faster. Stronger. Smarter.

Artificial intelligence is shaping the future of eye care—and Duke is leading the way

A conveyor belt jammed up with wet toilet paper

February 17, 2020

Off-Grid Sanitation Systems Show Promise in Global Testing, Despite Toilet Paper Sabotage

Systems approaching viability in field tests of Duke-led Gates Foundation “Reinvent the Toilet” project

DUKE MEng Team

February 11, 2020

Duke Kunshan ECE Master’s Team Wins Dell Innovation Competition

Female engineers led research in heterogeneous data centers and simplified operations

A series of images of thin, almost transparent lines in black and white, which are retinal scans created with OCT

January 28, 2020

Artificial Intelligence Predicts Treatment Outcome for Diabetes-Related Vision Loss

New algorithm poised to help doctors individualize treatment for diabetic macular edema

Aniket Dalvi

January 02, 2020

Q&A: Aniket Dalvi, Quantum Computing Master's Student

What is it like to study quantum computing at Duke?

Jeffrey Krolik (left) and Sina Farsiu (right)

December 04, 2019

Farsiu, Krolik Elected Fellows of the IEEE

Duke engineers honored for research improving ophthalmic image processing and resolution and contributions to statistical signal and sensor array processing for radar and sonar

screen shot of WaSH-AID video

December 03, 2019

Expanding Access to Clean, Safe Sanitation Options

Duke University Center for WaSH-AID aims to leverage tech-enabled solutions to water sanitation and hygiene problems worldwide

Light shining through silver cubes on top of a layer of gold with 3D molecules beneath

November 25, 2019

Light-Trapping Nanocubes Drive Inexpensive Multispectral Camera

Plasmonic light detector could revolutionize multispectral imaging for cancer, food safety and agriculture

LiDAR image

October 24, 2019

Duke-Volvo Team Wins Best Paper Award at ICCV Workshop

The team has developed the first LiDAR system capable of long-range detection and classification

An illustration of a thick disc with lots of small silver cubes on the surface

October 15, 2019

Mikkelsen Wins Moore Inventor Fellowship to Pursue Hyperspectral Cameras

A Moore Inventor Fellowship is supporting a Duke engineer in her quest to develop a small, inexpensive hyperspectral camera