Dean E. McCumber


Emeritus Visiting Professor

Dr. Dean E. McCumber received his B.E. (EE) degree from Yale Univesity in 1952, served for two years as an engineering division officer on a small aircraft carrier (USS Trippoli), returned to Yale where he earned an M.E. (EE, controls) degree in 1955, and after transferring to Harvard earned an A.M. degree in physics (1956) and his Ph.D. in theoretical physics (1960) with a dissertation entitled "Quantum Statistics in Boson Systems". He studied for a year at Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris and the following year at the Bohr Institute for Theoretical Physics in Copenhagen. He joined Bell Laboratories as a Member of Technical Staff in Research in 1961, with subsequent research in lasers, optical properies of solids, and Gunn-effect microwave generation in GaAs. In 1965, he was appointed Head, Crystal Elecronics Research Department, where the research emphasis was on microwave properties of III-V materials, on the mechanism of superconductivity, and on Josephson junctions in superconductors. In 1969, we was appointed Director, Military Physics Research Laboratory, and over the next aproximately 20 years directed work in Laboratories and Centers ranging over atmospheric and environmental modeling, interconnection technology development, network performance planning, battery systems development, and energy systems development. He joined Duke University as Visiting Professor in 1992 and served as Director of Undergraduate Studies to the year 2000. His classroom teaching (1992-1999) focused upon undergraduate courses: ECE 61, Introduction to Electric Circuits, ECE 64, Fundamentals of Linear Systems Theory, ECE 176/PHYSICS 176, Thermal Physics, and EGR 171, Total Quality Systems.

Contact Information

  • Office Location: 130 Hudson Hall
  • Email Address:

Representative Publications

  • McCumber, D.E., Effect of lattice dynamics on optical properties, Journal of Luminescence, vol 85 no. 4 (2000), pp. 171 - 175 [S0022-2313(99)00183-0] [abs].
  • Garrett, C.G.B. and McCumber, D.E., Propagation of a Gaussian light pulse through an anomalous dispersion medium, Phys. Rev. A, Gen. Phys. (USA), vol 1 no. 2 (1970), pp. 305 - 13 [305] [abs].
  • McCumber, D.E. and Halperin, B.I., Time scale of intrinsic resistive fluctuations in thin superconducting wires, Phys. Rev. B, Solid State (USA), vol 1 no. 3 (1970), pp. 1054 - 70 [1054] [abs].
  • McCumber, D.E., Frequency-pulling effects in Josephson Radiation, Phys. Rev. Lett. (USA), vol 23 no. 21 (1969), pp. 1228 - 31 [1228] [abs].
  • McCumber, D.E., Eigenmodes of asymmetric cylindrical confocal laser resonator with single output-coupling aperture, Bell System Technical Journal, vol 48 no. 6 (1969), pp. 1919 - 1936 [abs].