Rhett T. George


Assistant Professor Emeritus

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Assistant Professor Emeritus

Contact Information

  • Office Location: 108A Engineering Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
  • Office Phone: (919) 660-5252
  • Email Address: rhett.george@duke.edu


  • Ph.D. University of Florida, 1965
  • M.S.E.E. University of Florida, 1956
  • B.S.E.E. Duke University, 1955

Representative Publications

  • Lim, KH; Shi, G; McCarter, K; Jr, RG; Ybarra, G; Joines, WT; Wartenberg, S; Liu, QH, 2D EIT for biomedical imaging: Design, measurement, simulation, and image reconstruction, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, vol 49 no. 12 (2007), pp. 2989-2998 [10.1002/mop.22938] [abs].
  • English, JB; George, R, An automated taxonomy for process control in knowledge management applications, 6th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics. Proceedings, vol vol.8 (2002), pp. 365-369 [abs].
  • Mulkens, J; Wagner, C; Cummings, K; George, R, Challenges and opportunities for 157 nm mask technology, Proc. SPIE - Int. Soc. Opt. Eng. (USA), vol 3873 (1999), pp. 372-385 [10.1117/12.373333] [abs].
  • Mulkens, J; Stoeldraijer, J; Davies, G; Dierichs, M; Heskamp, B; Moers, M; George, R; Roempp, O; Glatzel, H; Wagner, C; Pollers, I; Jaenen, P, ArF step and scan exposure system for 0.15 µm and 0.13 µm technology node?, Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, vol 3679 no. I (1999), pp. 506-521 [10.1117/12.354362] [abs].
  • Yazici, A; George, R; Aksoy, D, Design and implementation issues in the fuzzy object-oriented data model, Inf. Sci. (USA), vol 108 no. 1-4 (1998), pp. 241-260 [10.1016/S0020-0255(97)10065-2] [abs].