Engineering Physics

Duke ECE has a strong experimental and theoretical research presence in novel and structured metamaterials, surface science, electromagnetic and acoustic waves, quantum sciences, imaging systems and communication systems. There is an exciting opportunity to leverage ECE strengths to create a unique research and educational program around the physical science of collecting, processing, analyzing and communicating information. We plan to create a comprehensive program on Engineering Physics, with emphasis on the fundamental principles and practical technologies that enable innovative information systems.

Research Focus

A. Foundations in Physics of Information.

This research thrust advances the physical and mathematical foundations of information science at the very fundamental level, and includes

  • fundamental surface science, materials and device physics used for collection of data
  • electromagnetic, wave and quantum physics used for representation, transmission and manipulation of information
  • mathematical and computational principles for encoding and processing of information.

B. Enabling Technologies for Information Physics.

This research thrust focuses on the development of new technologies necessary for realization of new information processing systems, and includes

  • new fabrication and manufacturing technologies for metamaterials, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and optical components
  • novel sensor devices integrated with analog and digital integrated circuits
  • innovative modeling approaches and simulation tools for physical processes and information processing systems.

C. Advanced Information System Integration.

This research thrust pursues design and realization of functional advanced information processing systems, and includes 

  • new imaging and spectroscopy systems leveraging computational and signal processing principles, new materials and devices, and component manufacturing technologies
  • novel sensing, information processing and communication systems utilizing quantum mechanical principles and bio-inspired approaches
  • compact, multi-functional integrated systems for intelligent information gathering and processing