Signal and Information Processing and Robotics

Signal and Information Processing and Robotics at Duke University plays a key role at the intersection of fundamental science, domain knowledge, and theory and algorithms.

We build upon other strong departments, including mathematics, physics, statistics, computer science and the medical center, to address a wide-variety of challenging problems in science and technology. Within modern ECE programs, and particularly within Duke ECE, SIPR has generalized to include machine learning, statistics, and applied mathematics. Moreover, the focus problems are not simply signal and image processing, but now include information discovery and optimal design of measurement systems, for very high-dimensional data. Example areas of focus include genomics, in close cooperation with the Duke University Medical Center. There are also burgeoning collaborations with the Duke Marine Lab, on data of massive dimensionality and significant variability.

Defense applications continue to be a focus and strength, specifically in radar and sonar signal processing. We also have unique and emerging strengths in biosignal processing, ranging from cochlear implants and medical imaging to emergency room management and human-computer interfaces for prosthetic limbs.