Past Seminars


ECE Seminar: Tailoring Light-Matter Interaction at Nano-Scale for Mid-Infrared Optoelectronics

11:30 am | Gross Hall 330

Presenter: Yu Yao, Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Engineering and Applied Science at Harvard University

ECE Seminar: Closing the Loop with Medical Cyber-Physical Systems

11:30 am | Gross Hall 330

Presenter: Miroslav Pajic, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering,University of Pennsylvania

ECE Seminar: Next Generation Transistors: Where Do Carbon Nanotubes Fit In?

11:30 am | Gross Hall 330

Presenter: Aaron D. Franklin, Ph.D.

ECE Seminar: Security Threats and Defenses in Multi-Tenant Public Clouds

11:30 am | Gross Hall 330

Presenter: Yinqian Zhang, PhD Candidate

ECE Seminar: Electromagnetic scattering by magnetodielectric small spheres

1:30 pm | Westbrook 0014

Presenter: Dr. Fernando Moreno

ECE Seminar: Resource-Efficient Wireless Systems for Emerging Wireless Networks

11:30 am | Gross Hall 330

Presenter: Lara Deek, Ph.D. Candidate (A.B.D.), Department of Computer Science, University of California, Santa Barbara

ECE Seminar: One Photon to Two Electrons: Toward Solar Cells Beyond the Fundamental Limit

11:30 am | Gross Hall 330

Presenter: Jiye Lee, Ph.D., Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


ECE Seminar: Towards Verification-driven Design Based on Natural Language Processing

11:45 am | Fitzpatrick Center Schiciano Auditorium Side A

Presenter: Rolf Drechsler, University of Bremen/DFKI, Germany