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Duke Electrical and Computer Engineering

Duke Electrical and Computer Engineering

Machine Learning for Precise Diagnostics and Therapeutics

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Presenter: Rohit Singh, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics with host Aditya Parekh

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Fortune |

America Is the Undisputed World Leader in Quantum Computing Even Though China Spends 8X More on the Technology–but an Own Goal Could Soon Erode U.S. Dominance

Chris Monroe and Jungsang Kim write that undermining the Bayh-Dole system could massively stifle new advances in quantum computing and other technologies

Arm Research Collaboration and Enablement |

When Is a Brain Not a Brain?

Hai "Helen" Li describes her lab's interaction with Arm, which provides hardware and technical expertise to her lab to explore building computers modeled after the human brain

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