Duke Electrical and Computer Engineering | Facts and Stats

Duke ECE Facts & Stats


Computer Engineering

#3 in U.S. faculty research productivity in computer engineering

#6 university worldwide in AI/machine learning research

#16 U.S. graduate program in electrical engineering — U.S. News

#18 U.S. graduate program in computer engineering — U.S. News

Electrical Engineering

#11 in U.S. faculty research productivity in electrical engineering (tie)

Top 25 U.S. graduate degree program in electrical engineering

Sources: Academic Analytics v. 2021, U.S. News & World Report, NeurIPS Publication Index

Duke Electrical & Computer Engineering

At a glance

  • 40 tenured or tenure-track faculty
  • $31 million in new research awards, fiscal 2023
  • 210 PhD students
  • 257 Master's students (MS/MEng)
  • 235 Undergraduate students
  • 85 BSE graduates in the Class of 2021 (May graduates, ECE first major only)

Duke ECE Undergraduate

  • Double majors: Computer Science, Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Economics
  • Minors offered in ECE and AI/Machine Learning
  • Duke, Pratt, Chambers Fellowship award winners
  • SmartHome, Electric Car, Robotics competitions engage early in research

Duke ECE Master's and PhD

  • 195 PhD students
  • 110 Master of Science students
  • 58 Master of Engineering students
  • Funding sources are DoD, NSF, NIH, SRC, industry and other foundations
  • Students eligible for highly competitive Duke University and Pratt School of Engineering fellowships