Mission & Vision

Electrical and computer engineering is a broadly based engineering discipline dealing with the processing, control, and transmission of information and energy by making extensive use of electrical and electromagnetic phenomena, systems theory, and computational hardware and software. The Department also encourages students and faculty to develop synergies with disciplines outside of engineering, such as medicine and the life sciences. Duke undergraduates participate in independent study, a semester abroad, and a degree program with a second major. Electrical engineers complete second majors in biomedical engineering, computer science, physics, mathematics, economics, and public policy studies. Additional interests such as pre-medicine, pre-law, business, other engineering disciplines, art, music, psychology, and social sciences can be accommodated.

The mission of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is to facilitate the development of well rounded, educated, productive, and ethical individuals who are well versed in technology and in social, political, and environmental issues. Our goals are to develop within each student a robust repertoire of professional skills, to provide each with avenues for exploring diverse interests, and to launch each successfully into one of a variety of careers offering lifelong learning, service, and leadership within their own local, national and global communities.