From the Chair

Hai "Helen" Li is the Chair of the Duke Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Duke ECE is the home of world-class teaching and research, with a focus on the broad areas characteristic of a leading electrical and computer engineering department.Hai "Helen" Li

The Duke ECE degree serves as a launching point from which our graduates often achieve leadership roles in a wide array of fields; in addition to working in traditional and emerging engineering fields, many Duke ECE graduates pursue careers in business, law, and medicine.

The graduate program and research performed within our department are recognized for their excellence and impact. A unifying theme of research in Duke ECE is its interdisciplinary nature, characterized by significant funded research programs that actively engage Duke faculty from across the Pratt School of Engineering, the applied sciences and medicine.

A distinctive theme of Duke ECE research is its interdisciplinary nature.

Our undergraduate students are among the most talented anywhere; they receive an ECE degree characterized by a firm engineering foundation, grounded by the classes and experience of Duke University's exceptional liberal arts program.

This environment yields students with engineering breadth and depth, buttressed by superior communication skills, and an appreciation for how engineering fits within and contributes to the broader society.

Many of our faculty have joint and secondary appointments in other departments within Pratt and within Duke's Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, including computer science,  mathematics, statistics, and physics. Duke ECE serves as an important meeting place for the applied sciences at Duke.

Major research institutions and corporations eagerly seek graduates of the Duke ECE master's and PhD programs. Additionally, like our undergraduates, many of our graduate students pursue careers in business and law, with a significant recent trend toward entrepreneurship. 

I hope that you find this website informative and that it captures the excitement embodied in our growing department.

Hai "Helen" Li
Chair, Duke Electrical & Computer Engineering
Clare Boothe Luce Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering