Brian R. Stoner

Research Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Research Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Affiliate of the Duke Center for International Development


  • Ph.D. North Carolina State University, 1993

In the News

Representative Publications

  • Hill, L., S. Wolter, W. T. Pluer, T. Rogers, J. Johnson, G. H. Miller, S. Acosta-Calle, B. R. Stoner, and J. W. Darcy. “Designing Pilot Treatment Systems for Evaluation of Passive Nitrogen and Phosphorus Filtration in Stormwater.” In 2024 Systems and Information Engineering Design Symposium, SIEDS 2024, 130–35, 2024.
  • Windheim, Tasso von, Kristin H. Gilchrist, Charles B. Parker, Stephen Hall, James B. Carlson, David Stokes, Nicholas G. Baldasaro, et al. “Proof-of-Concept Vacuum Microelectronic NOR Gate Fabricated Using Microelectromechanical Systems and Carbon Nanotube Field Emitters.” Micromachines 14, no. 5 (April 2023): 973.
  • Welling, Claire M., David R. Singleton, Steven B. Haase, Christian H. Browning, Brian R. Stoner, Claudia K. Gunsch, and Sonia Grego. “Predictive values of time-dense SARS-CoV-2 wastewater analysis in university campus buildings.” The Science of the Total Environment 835 (August 2022): 155401.
  • Grego, Sonia, Claire M. Welling, Graham H. Miller, Peter F. Coggan, Katelyn L. Sellgren, Brian T. Hawkins, Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Jose R. Ruiz, Deborah A. Fisher, and Brian R. Stoner. “A hands-free stool sampling system for monitoring intestinal health and disease.” Sci Rep 12, no. 1 (June 27, 2022): 10859.
  • Mercer, Edwina, Shane P. Usher, Ewan J. McAdam, Brian Stoner, and Yadira Bajón-Fernández. “Rheological characterisation of synthetic and fresh faeces to inform on solids management strategies for non-sewered sanitation systems.” Journal of Environmental Management 300 (December 2021): 113730.