Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Our focus on data analysis and machine learning provides master's students with the tools to manage, interpret and gain new insights from data

Duke faculty rank among the top 10 in the world in AI/machine learning research. Studying in Duke ECE, you will gain a thorough grounding in the mathematical foundations of Big Data, training in practical programming, and instruction in machine learning, statistics and information theory. 

As a student, you'll join a vibrant community rich in cross-campus initiatives focused on data science and machine learning, such as the Rhodes Information Initiative at Duke (iiD).

The Duke ECE Data Analytics & Machine Learning concentration is available as part of:

Duke Engineering offers additional master's degree options focused on data analytics and machine learning, including a Master of Engineering Management and degrees in biomedical, civil/environmental and risk engineering. Learn more »

Key Courses

  • ECE 586: Vector Space Methods with Applications
  • ECE 581: Random Signals and Noise
  • ECE 551: Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms in C++
  • ECE 580: Introduction to Machine Learning
  • ECE 590: Deep Learning
  • ECE 682D: Probabilistic Machine Learning
  • ECE 590D: Machine Learning

Other Notable Courses

  • ECE 588: Image and Video Processing
  • ECE 582: Digital Signal Processing
  • ECE 590: Textual Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • ECE 590: Uncertainty Analysis
  • STA 601: Bayesian Methods and Modern Statistics
  • ECE 587: Information Theory
  • CEE 690: Numerical Optimization
  • ECE 551D: Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms in C++
  • ME 548(263). Multivariable Control
  • ME 542(230). Modern Control and Dynamic Systems
  • ME 555.XX: Autonomous Systems Engineering
  • ME 555.XX: Human Factors Engineering

"Wanxin Yuan""The fundamental software skills and advanced machine learning techniques I learned at Duke are essential for my current job, especially when I'm doing work related to building ML models."

Wanxin Yuan
Software Engineer, Google
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