Quantum Hardware/Software Track

The Duke ECE Quantum Software/Hardware Track covers two areas of inquiry:

Students will learn from a software and hardware focus that prepares them to program and control quantum information devices and design, fabrication and testing of quantum devices. 

The Quantum Hardware/Software Track is available as part of:

Duke ECE is home to international leaders in information physics research, embodied in pathbreaking programs in metamaterials, quantum devices, and optical systems.

Master's students will learn from a faculty team with deep interdisciplinary research strengths and a track record of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Detailed Course Requirements

Aniket Dalvi"I was looking for that strong university-industry connection. That, along with the flexibility of the coursework, which gave me a lot more bandwidth for research, made Duke the best fit for me, in the end."

Aniket Dalvi
Master's Student 
WhY Study Quantum Computing at Duke?