Awards and Honors

George Sherrerd III Memorial Award in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Awarded annually to the senior in electrical and computer engineering who, in the opinion of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty, has attained the highest level of scholastic achievement in all subjects and simultaneously has rendered significant service to the School of Engineering and the University at large. The award was established in 1958 by the parents of George Sherrerd III, a graduate of the Class of 1955, to recognize outstanding undergraduate scholarship.

2018: Jihane Bettahi and Edwin Bodge

Previous Winners

  • 2017: Efe Aras
  • 2016: Chase Malik and Davis Treybig
  • 2015: Kevin Liang and Logan Su
  • 2014: Kushal Seetharam
  • 2013: William Scheideler
  • 2012: Hazal Yuksel
  • 2011: Corinne Horn

Charles Ernest Seager Memorial Award

Recognizes the most outstanding undergraduate research projects and presentations, as judged by the faculty in Electrical and Computer Engineering, as part of the Graduation with Distinction presentation session. The award was established in 1958 by the widow and friends of Charles Ernest Seager, a graduate of the Class of 1955.

2018: Aditya Srinivasan and James Doherty

Previous Winners

  • 2017: Elijah Cole
  • 2016: Dennis Lynch
  • 2015: Yaqi Zhang
  • 2014: Amay Jhaveri 
  • 2013: Likun (Sam) Xi
  • 2012: Albert Oh
  • 2011: Sabrina Liao and Eric Thorne 

David Randall Fuller Prize For Achievement in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Presented annually to the graduating senior who has shown the most improvement in academic performance over the first three years.

2018: David Bi  

Previous Winners

  • 2017: Alden Harwood
  • 2016: Craig Vincent
  • 2015: Ryan Fishel and Alex Morrill
  • 2014: Mark Hoffman
  • 2013: John "Jack" Jamieson III
  • 2012: Leigh Wiegert
  • 2011: Ralph Nathan 

Charles Rowe Vail Memorial Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

Established in 1997 to recognize the most outstanding undergraduate teaching assistant in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The award was created by former students and colleagues of Charles Rowe Vail, a graduate of the Class of 1937, professor from 1939-1967, and chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering from 1956-1964.

2018: Michael Kuryshev

Previous Winners

  • 2017: Gautam Chebrolu
  • 2016: Zachary Bears and Safkat Islam
  • 2015: Xavier de Gunten and Leeviana Gray
  • 2014: Sarah Eade and Tory Lang
  • 2013: Chen Zhao
  • 2012: Albert Oh
  • 2011: Corinne Horn

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Awards

Recognizes teaching assistants in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering who have made significant, sustained contributions to the undergraduate curriculum through excellence as a laboratory or grader teaching assistant. Nominations are based on students’ teaching evaluations, and finalists are selected by department faculty.

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

Academic Year 2017-2018

    • Jocelyn Corey '18
    • Chance Fleeting '19
    • Michael Kuryshev '18
    • Shuzhou Li '18
    • Chin Jie Lim '18

Previous Winners


  • Gautam Chebrolu '17
  • Udita Delta Ghoshal '17
  • Darshana Jaint '17
  • Michael Kuryshev '18
  • Chin Jie Lim '18
  • Sivaneshwaran Loganathan '17
  • Gabriel Kroch '17
  • Thomas Romano '17
  • Benjamin Xing '17


  • Zach Bears '16
  • Safkat Islam '16
  • Michael Deng '16
  • Stephen Hughes '16
  • John Lorenz '16
  • Zhihao Zhu '16
  • Nina Sun '17
  • Helen Murphy '17
  • Yilun Zhou '17


  • John Bralich '15
  • Greg Canal '15
  • Brett Fox '15
  • Leeviana Gray '15
  • Xavier de Gunten '15
  • Minhazul Islam '15
  • Karmyn McKnight '15
  • Graham Miller '15
  • David Spruill '15


  • Abhishek Balakr '14
  • Sarah Eade '14
  • Leeviana Gray '15
  • Xavier de Gunten '15
  • Tory Lang '14
  • Nathan Li '14
  • Helio Lui '14
  • Bryan Yang '14
  • Alex Zhu '15


  • Jawad Al-Masannat
  • Erinn Grigsby
  • Tory Lang
  • Will Scheideler
  • William Tsai
  • Jennifer Villa
  • Bryan Yang
  • Chen Zhao


  • John Cuffney
  • Ethan (Yong Hui) Goh
  • David Herrig
  • Alex Mariakakis
  • Albert Oh
  • Anna Territo
  • Andrew Weitz


  • Corinne Horn
  • John Ingalls
  • Niruban Maheswaranathan
  • Albert Oh
  • Trevor Reid
  • Oriana Wen

Teaching Assistant Citation

Fall 2017

      • Diana Arguijo-Mendoza '18 — ECE 350L (Lab) — "For overall excellence, consistency, and professionalism as a TA demonstrating concern for students’ progress in the ECE 350L Digital Systems course."

      • Jocelyn Corey '18 — ECE 280L (Lab) — "For demonstrating leadership, organization, independence, and thoroughness as an ECE 280L Introduction to Signals & Systems laboratory TA."

      • James Doherty '18 — ECE 331L (Grader) — "For performance as a TA at the highest level including office hours, grading, and overall student assistance in the ECE 331L Fundamentals of Microelectronic Circuits course."

      • Chance Fleeting '19 — ECE 280L (Lab) — "For consistently extending himself for the benefit of students and for being reliable, timely, and responsive as an ECE 280L Introduction to Signals & Systems TA."

      • Sujay Garlanka '19 — ECE 230L (Grader) — "For stand-out performance, reliability, timeliness, fairness, and dedication to the student learning experience as an ECE 230L Microelectronic Devices & Circuits TA."

      • Vishnu Gottiparthy '19 — ECE 280L (Grader) — "For consistently being prepared, exhibiting the utmost patience, concern, and going the extra mile for student learning as an ECE 280L Introduction to Signals & Systems TA."

      • Michael Kuryshev '18 — ECE 230L (Lab) & ECE 331L (Lab) — "For excellent leadership, knowledge, and coordination of laboratory instruction in both the ECE 230L Microelectronic Devices & Circuits course and the ECE 331L Fundamentals of Microelectronic Circuits course."

      • Suzhou Li '18 — ECE 280L (Lab) — "For reliability, fair and thorough coordination efforts, and general concern for student progress and learning as an ECE 280L Introduction to Signals & Systems TA."

      • Matthew Wu '18 — ECE 280L (Grader) — "For dedication, reliability, and excellent overall performance as an ECE 280L Introduction to Signals & Systems TA."

Spring 2018

      • Manav Avlani '19 — ECE 250D (Lecture) — “For exceptional effort that went beyond the norm in assisting with the course Computer Architecture.”

      • Nathaniel Brooke '19 — ECE 110L (Lab) — “For demonstrating the utmost competency and dedication in helping students learn the hands-on aspects of the Fundamentals of Electrical and Computer Engineering course.”

      • Jocelyn Corey '18 — ECE 280L (Lab) — “For dedication toward student progress as well as consistent leadership, organization, and attention to detail in the laboratory component of the Introductory Signals and Systems course.”

      • Chance Fleeting '19 — ECE 280L (Lecture)—“For truly exemplifying the dedication, care, and attention desired in a teaching assistant for the course Introductory Signals and Systems.”

      • Claire Fu '20 — ECE 110L (Lecture) — “For providing consistently clarifying feedback for students, and for meticulousness and enthusiasm as a Fundamentals of Electrical and Computer Engineering teaching assistant.”

      • Benjamin Jackson '19 — ECE 230L (Lecture) — “For overall excellence as a Microelectronic Devices and Circuits course teaching assistant.”

      • Michael Kuryshev '18 — ECE 331L (Lab) — “For leadership, knowledge, dedication, and significant contributions to the advanced upper-level course Introduction to Integrated Circuits.”

      • Suzhou Li '18 — ECE 280L (Lab) — “For consistency and dedication as a stand out teaching assistant in the laboratory portion of the Introductory Signals and Systems course.”

      • Chin Jie Lim '18 — ECE 110L (Lab) — “For stand out performance which truly went above and beyond as a Fundamentals of Electrical and Computer Engineering teaching assistant both through a dedication to student learning in the laboratory and by contributing significantly to the overall laboratory experience in the course.”

      • Katherine Van Dyk '19 — ECE 250D (Lecture) — “For demonstrating excellent as a teaching assistant who cares about students success and goes the distance in helping them understand course information.”

      • Stephen Xu '19 — ECE 230L (Lab) — “For overall capability, support, and helpfulness in the laboratory for the course Microelectronic Devices and Circuits.”

      • Mason Zhang '19 — ECE 230L (Lab) — “For being exceptional in every effort put forth for the Microelectronic Devices and Circuits course including student assistance, knowledge of course material, and effective time management.”

Previous Winners

Fall 2016

  • Tom Wu — UG Lab Assistant — "For professional-level work in carrying out undergraduate laboratory assistant duties, most critically in assisting senior capstone design courses."

  • Cassidee Kido — ECE 230L (Grader) — "For dedication and prompt grading, consistently holding office hours, diligence in responding to questions on Piazza, and overall assistance to students in ECE 230L."

  • Katie Gelman — ECE 270L (Grader) — "For stepping up and taking on a lot of grading responsibilities, above and beyond the norm in ECE 270L."

  • Gautam Chebrolu — ECE 280L (Lab) — "For truly exceptional TAing including developing training videos for laboratories, adept leadership of other TAs, and for upgrading laboratories in ECE 280L."

  • Maria Folgueras — ECE 331L (Grader) — "For dedicated service and outstanding performance in carrying out grading, office hours assistance, and help sessions as a teaching assistant in ECE 331L."

Spring 2017

  • Alexander Boldt ’18 — ECE 250D (Grader) — “For outstanding dedication and above and beyond effort as a TA amongst many in the large ECE 250D Computer Architecture course at Duke.”
  • Nathaniel Brooke ’19 — ECE 110L (Lab) & ECE 250D (Grader) — “For dedication in ECE 110L Fundamentals of ECE including design and testing of the course robot challenge, coded examples, and thorough lab explanations while also serving as an ECE 250D TA.”
  • Devavrat Dabke ’18 — ECE 350D (Grader & Lab) — “For taking on a leadership role and for performing at the highest levels as a teaching assistant in the ECE 350L Digital Systems course in ECE.”
  • Kimberly Eddleman ’18 — ECE 110L (Grader) — “For excellence as a grader TA in ECE 110L Fundamentals of ECE including thoroughness in scoring and for providing meaningful help and guidance to students.”
  • Udita Delta Ghoshal ’17 — ECE 110L (Lab) — “For dedication, leadership, and organization in ECE 110L Fundamentals of ECE including meticulous lab scoring and care for the students enrolled.”
  • Darshana Jaint ’17 — ECE 110L (Lab) — “For her leadership, organization, and diligence as a TA in ECE 110L Fundamentals of ECE including updated grading guides, lab revisions, and above all care and concern for the students enrolled.”
  • Michael Kuryshev ’18 — ECE 230L (Lab) & 331L (Lab) — “For reliability, dedication, and timeliness in all of his TA duties in both ECE 230L Microelectronics and ECE 331L Integrated Circuits and for demonstrating the utmost maturity and consistency in those roles.”

  • Chin Jie Lim, S'18 — ECE 110L (Lab) & ECE 270L (Lab) — “For consistently high quality work, dedication, and service in support of ECE 110L Fundamentals of ECE  laboratories as well as ECE 270L Electromagnetics labs.”

  • Sivaneshwaran Loganathan, S'17 — ECE 280L (Lab) — “For development, leadership, and creativity in support of ECE 280L Signals and Systems laboratory upgrades as well as students enrolled in labs.”