Senior Design

The undergraduate ECE Program includes an Approved ECE Design Elective.  This course is normally taken during Senior year, after a student has completed the core ECE, core Math, and core Science courses. This "capstone design course" involves multidisciplinary teams of students who build and test custom designed systems, components or engineering processes. Students gain experience in the design/building/testing/demonstration processes intrinsic to engineering design as practiced by engineering graduates,

Requirements for the team project include:

  • Design plan incorporating engineering standards and realistic constraints
  • Timeline indicating project milestones
  • Written project report including an assessment of the results
  • Oral presentations to the class

The completed project assessment must include most of the following elements:

  • Cost
  • Environmental impact
  • Manufacturability
  • Ethics
  • Health and safety impacts
  • Social and political impacts

Approved ECE Design Electives

Typically taught spring and fall

  • ECE 559 (251): Advanced Digital System Design

Typically taught in the fall

  • ECE 459 (154): Embedded Systems Design
  • ECE 539 (261): CMOS VLSI Design Methodologies

Typically taught in the spring

  • ECE 449 (135): Sensor and Sensor Interface Design
  • ECE 458: Engineering Software for Maintainability
  • ECE 489: Advanced Robot System Design
  • ECE 496 (Sp16, Sp17): Advanced Robot System Design - now taught as ECE 489
  • ECE 532 (262): Analog Integrated Circuit Design