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Fortune |

America Is the Undisputed World Leader in Quantum Computing Even Though China Spends 8X More on the Technology–but an Own Goal Could Soon Erode U.S. Dominance

Chris Monroe and Jungsang Kim write that undermining the Bayh-Dole system could massively stifle new advances in quantum computing and other technologies

Arm Research Collaboration and Enablement |

When Is a Brain Not a Brain?

Hai "Helen" Li describes her lab's interaction with Arm, which provides hardware and technical expertise to her lab to explore building computers modeled after the human brain


Dubai’s Crypto Dreams Start With New Regulations

Jimmie Lenz, who organized a digital assets conference in Abu Dhabi last year, says Dubai's efforts to innovate in cryptocurrency is hitting the mark

Freethink |

Does AI Need a “Body” to Become Truly Intelligent? Meta Researchers Think So.

Boyuan Chen says the physics of the real world may be too complicated to adequately train AI in a virtual representation.

American Physical Society |

Building a Quantum Workforce Doesn’t Just Mean Graduating More Ph.D.s

Emily Edwards discusses the need for inclusivity in STEM fields from a young age in working to address future quantum needs

Interesting Engineering |

US Researchers Determine the Limits of Energy Absorption in Transparent Materials

Willie Padilla has determined the theoretical limits of how much electromagnetic energy a transparent material can absorb

Analytics Magazine |

10 Underrated Women in AI to Watchout For

Cynthia Rudin is named in a roundup of unsung women who are enriching the AI field with innovations that promise a future where technology is as diverse as the society it serves

The New York Times |

China's Rush to Dominate A.I. Comes With a Twist: It Depends on U.S. Technology

Yiran Chen explains why Chinese investments in tech are made for quick turnarounds


Beyond the Black Box

Cynthia Rudin of Duke University discusses interpretable deep learning at SPIE Medical Imaging

Physics World |

MadRad Fools Self-Driving Cars

A team in the US led by Duke University’s Miroslav Pajic and Tingjun Chen have created a system called MadRadar, which shows how attacks on car sensors could be done