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Duke Today | September 28, 2018

+DataScience Wants to Put the Power of Machine Learning in Everyone's Hands

Featuring Larry Carin


XPRIZE | September 24, 2018

Meet the Teams of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE

Featuring Martin Brooke


Futurism | September 24, 2018

The World’s First Practical Quantum Computer May Be Just Five Years Away

Featuring Kenneth Brown


Digital Trends | August 15, 2018

The World's First Practical Quantum Computer Has Cash and a Timeline

Featuring Kenneth Brown, Jungsang Kim


Scientific American | July 27, 2018

Ingrid Daubechies's Favorite Theorem

Featuring Ingrid Daubechies


Spectrum | July 12, 2018

Can a Computer Diagnose Autism?

Featuring Guillermo Sapiro

The News & Observer | July 9, 2018

You're Not a Fraud. This Summer Program Aims to Keep Women in Tech

Featuring Monica Jenkins