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The News and Observer |

New AI Tool From Duke Researchers Reads EEGs, Could Improve Treatment of Seizures

An AI model developed by Cynthia Rudin that can quickly interpret the complicated signals generated by EEGs may help hospitals take better care of critically ill patients at risk for seizures

National Institute of Mental Health |

Digital Autism Screening Tool Could Enhance Early Identification

Guillermo Sapiro and colleagues demonstrated that a tablet-based app could accurately classify children with autism compared to neurotypical children

AZO Robotics |

Machine Learning Assists Diagnosis of Seizures in Unconscious Patients

Cynthia Rudin created an assisted machine learning model that significantly enhances the ability of medical personnel to read the electroencephalography (EEG) charts of patients in intensive care

Physics World |

Quantum Entanglement Expands to City-Sized Networks

Chris Monroe comments on work to create quantum entanglement between two nodes in a network

Communications of the ACM |

A Quantum Leap in Factoring

Kenneth Brown comments on an algorithm for quantum computing that recently had its greatest theoretical advance in more than 25 years

Inside Higher Ed |

Wreaking Havoc on Academic Publishing

Without changes, thousands of academic papers could be sent to chatbots as reviewers without the knowledge of the authors, Cynthia Rudin warns.

Nature |

Who’s Making Chips for AI? Chinese Manufacturers Lag Behind US Tech Giants

Yiran Chen says that the US's ban on selling the latest computer chips that enable generative AI could leave China behind and unable to catch up

Fortune |

America Is the Undisputed World Leader in Quantum Computing Even Though China Spends 8X More on the Technology–but an Own Goal Could Soon Erode U.S. Dominance

Chris Monroe and Jungsang Kim write that undermining the Bayh-Dole system could massively stifle new advances in quantum computing and other technologies

Arm Research Collaboration and Enablement |

When Is a Brain Not a Brain?

Hai "Helen" Li describes her lab's interaction with Arm, which provides hardware and technical expertise to her lab to explore building computers modeled after the human brain


Dubai’s Crypto Dreams Start With New Regulations

Jimmie Lenz, who organized a digital assets conference in Abu Dhabi last year, says Dubai's efforts to innovate in cryptocurrency is hitting the mark